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What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement, also known as debt resolution or debt negotiation, is an approach to debt reduction in which the debtor and creditor agree on a negotiated and reduced balance that will be regarded as payment in full. Most clients experience at least a fifty percent reduction, ultimately you the consumer must approve the settlement. If we cannot resolve your debt to your satisfaction, you’ll receive your money back.

What makes me a good
candidate for debt negotiation?

A debt negotiation program is certainly not for everyone. Qualified candidates are those who have a legitimate financial hardship, which has caused them to fall behind on their payments to creditors or will cause them to fall behind in the near future. We will not welcome anyone into the program that has the intentions of defrauding, deceiving, or swindling their creditors. This program is for consumers who are truly in need of our services and stand to significantly improve their financial situation.

How does it work?

Certified Debt Settlement Specialists negotiate with your creditors to get a reduction of your outstanding unsecured debt. Our skilled negotiators work to get your creditors to agree to discounted lump sum payoff amounts and the creditors forgive the rest of your balance. Debt negotiation is one of the most effective choices available to consumers. It’s a great choice if you have more debt than you can pay off in 2 – 3 years or are experiencing a financial hardship that has caused you to fall behind (or just about to be) on your monthly payments.

Our Certified Debt Settlement Specialists can help you
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